Create a Clear Mental Picture

Wallace Wattles said, “the first step in getting rich is forming a clear and definite mental picture of what you want.” Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, the reason many people do not fulfill their dreams is that the picture they have in their minds is too vague. They want to be wealthy, they want to live in a large home, etc. If the messages you’re putting out into the universe are vague and unclear, your results will be too.

Reflect on goals you had set in our past, were they vague and unclear? Did you get the results you were looking for?
In order for the universe to set you on the path to achieving your goals, you must create a clear picture in your mind. What is your goal? Now, think about how you will
feel when you achieve this goal, how will your life be changed, what emotions will this evoke.
In order to impress this image in your mind, you must carry it with you and think of it often. The clearer the image gets in your mind the stronger your desire to attain it will become, and it will be easier to hold the image in your mind.
Next, you must have FAITH that this is already yours, that you are meant to achieve this goal, to live this dream life, and that you need only take that which is already yours. If you train yourself in this manner, you can achieve greatness and will live a life filled with abundance and joy.

Master the Mind ~ Master Your Reality